Are you Getting Married in Normandy ?

Normandy is a land of history and bucolic countryside where delicious cheeses and cidres abound, majestic cliffs steeped in myth, and unspoiled seaside towns immortalised by impressionist, and immense sandy beaches forever in our memories of the Second World War.

With easy access from the UK it’s the perfect for a weekend getaway or a long summer holiday and this makes it ideal for a wedding or special event.

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More About the Normandy of France

Recently reunited as a single region, Upper Normandy (Haute Normandie), with its capital in Rouen, included Eure (27) and Seine Maritime (76), and Lower Normandy, (Basse Normandie) with its capital of Caen comprised of Calvados (14), Manche (50), and Orne(61). The once the dukedom of Normandy was reunited in 2016, to the satisfaction of many Normans.

Both Caen and Rouen are sufficiently close to Paris to benefit from international air travel (parts of south east Normandy are less than 100 km from Charles de Gaulle airport), and the Normandy port of Le Havre, is an ideal arrival point for visitors from the UK.

Calvados (14) | Eure (27) | Manche (50) | Orne (61) | Seine-Maritime (76)

Normandy is famous for many things. You may be moved by Mont-Saint-Michel or the historical events that unfolded on the D-Day Beaches but there are also stunning coastlines, picturesque ports and beaches galore. There are elegant seaside resorts on the Côte Fleurie of Deauville, Honfleur and Cabourg, and the wilder shores and fishing villages along the Cotentin peninsula. There is the Côte d’Albâtre with its dramatic white cliffs and secluded creeks and the fishing ports of Etretat, Fécamp, Dieppe and Veules-les-Roses.

You’ll also find Giverny, once home to Claude Monet, father of the Impressionist Movement, and the gourmet’s treasure trove with Camembert, Calvados, cider, scallops. Historical Normandy has medieval streets and the cathedral of Rouen together with half-timbered houses from the days of Joan of Arc. Le Havre, reinvented by Auguste Perret after the Second World War, is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site and in Caen you have the ducal castle and the Abbaye aux Dames and Abbaye aux Hommes. You can retrace the footsteps of William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda, told through the world renowned Bayeux tapestry. And the boardwalk of Deauville is legendary, as is the shopping.