1 year membership for just 150 / 190 Euros

At Simply Wed we like to keep things straight forward so we don’t have any confusing levels of membership or a range of options. Just standard membership at €150,00 for 3 years or FEATURED membership at €190,00 for 3 years. What’s the difference? See the chart below.

Special offer for 2024

We're Wedding professionals too and we understand that 2020 to 2022 have been difficult years for our industry.

For 2024 we're changing our Featured Listing fee to just 190€ for 3 years, because every little helps!
  • Click here to submit your listing and choose a BASIC listing for €150,00 or the FEATURED listing for €190,00. Once your listing has been created we’ll send you the payment request, check over your listing to make sure everything’s OK and send you the payment request payable by bank / credit card or PayPal.
  • If you have any problems creating your listing, as always get in touch via email or our on-line chat option and we’ll be happy to help!

Featured Membership €190 3 years membership!

  1. Create & Edit your own listing
  2. 8 in page Photos
  3. 1 Header Photo
  4. Include video
  5. include audio (MP3)
  6. Direct Email Link
  7. Direct Website Link
  8. Direct Social Links
  9. Phone Number Displayed
  10. Client Contact Form
  11. Unlimited Listing Categories
  12. Unlimited Listing Regions
  13. Client & Peer Reviews
  14. Tagged as Featured Listing
  15. Featured Listings Rotate across the site
  16. Social Boost via Social Media Channels
  17. Feature in Blogs and Real Life Weddings

Basic Membership €150 3 years membership!

  1. 3 years membership!
  2. Create & Edit your own listing
  3. 8 in page Photos
  4. 1 Header Photo
  5. Include video
  6. Include Audio MP3
  7. Direct Email Link
  8. Direct Website Link
  9. Direct Social Links
  10. Phone Number Displayed
  11. Client Contact Form
  12. Unlimited Listing Categories
  13. Unlimited Listing Regions
  14. Client & Peer Reviews