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When you hear about a wedding in Paris, what scene enters your mind? Is it a picture of the couple with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Or is it the Louvre museum and its iconic architecture behind the couple?

Pattie and Anthony, both from Florida, US, had a different idea of a wedding in Paris. Instead of reciting their vows before famous Parisian attractions, they chose a romantic park for the venue of their destination wedding in France.

About the venue

Wedding in Paris by Peach Perfect Weddings

Parc Monceau may not be as popular as The Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, but this romantic park has some of the most elegant Parisian gardens, making it a truly romantic place for a destination wedding in France.

Parc Monceau was built in the late 1700s when the fabulously wealthy Duke of Chartres commissioned Louis Carrogis Carmontelle, a writer and a painter to design the gardens. It has undergone many changes since then but it remains to be an outstanding location with unique statues, a Renaissance archway, a large pond, and some exotic trees planted on its grounds.

Planning their Destination Wedding in France from the US

The couple knew that turning their destination wedding into a reality could be very challenging if they did it alone. Gladly, they found the right wedding planners to help them book a suitable venue, a celebrant for their symbolic ceremony, a photographer, a makeup artist and hairstylist, a florist for the bouquet and boutonniere, and two Mercedes Benz for transportation to and from the venue.

All that they needed to do was to book plane tickets to Paris days before the wedding.

On The Day

Wedding in Paris by Peach Perfect Weddings

Pattie and Anthony planned to have a morning wedding so they got up early and took their breakfast before the vendors arrived. The makeup artist, along with the photographer, went to their hotel room in the morning to help Pattie prep up.

Peach Perfect Weddings organised two Mercedes Benz to take the couple to and from the hotel and ceremony venue. Pattie and Anthony rode different cars so they wouldn’t see each other until their First Look. True enough, it was such a precious moment seeing Anthony’s priceless reaction when he saw Pattie in her wedding dress!

The big day happened in autumn of 2019, which was a perfect season for a romantic ceremony in France. The trees were dressed in magical autumn colours and the park was not crowded with tourists. This was the exact scene in Parc Monceau while Pattie and Anthony recited their vows. They also caught the ‘golden hour’ early in the morning, which made their photos even more beautiful!

It was Anthony’s birthday on the exact day of their wedding and the celebrant was thoughtful enough to bring peach pie for him as a surprise present. It’s one of those little things that made the couple even happier on their special day.

Wedding in Paris by Peach Perfect Weddings

Although Pattie and Anthony didn’t like the idea of an Eiffel tower kind of ceremony, they wanted photos with Paris landmarks in the background. After exchanging vows, the two walked along a famous Parisian bridge, posed in front of The Louvre, and went to another tourist attraction in Paris to cap off their destination elopement in France!

Bio: This blog post was contributed by the team at Peach Perfect Weddings, a boutique wedding planning agency that provides tailored packages for elopements, vow renewals, and intimate weddings for couples who want to get married in Europe.