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Stunning French Wedding Planned by Etoiles d’un Jour

Nathalie from Etoiles d’un Jour tells us about the beautiful wedding of Valerie and Ivan, an Asian Canadian couple currently living in Singapore.

Ivan had been working and unable to visit prior to the wedding day so Valerie visited France alone for tastings, hair & make-up trails. However, Nathalie says they had such a great time together and ended up dining out for the evening with Bérangère (their hair and make up artist).

She says “I have rarely met such smiling, sincere and deeply kind couple and you will see it in their photos… (and thanks to our super photographer Yoshi who was able to capture all of this) “

Beautiful Thank You from the Bride

My husband was hesitant in the beginning on getting a wedding planner since I am pretty Type A. But since we’re planning a destination wedding, I wanted to have someone on the ground. Boy was I right. Nathalie help me choose my vendors based on my budget and knowing what I want from our initial calls. Months leading up my wedding there were a lot of things that were left to last minute (totally my fault. I ignored it for months). Nathalie was there to remind me of the deadlines and what should be submitted or done. She cared about all the little details that I did not care about – that in hindsight I probably should have put some more thought into it, and she did a fantastic job. She’s good at what she does, even when it comes to estimating the amount of alcohol that we needed. She kindly told me that I’m over-ordering. I didn’t believe her, better safe than sorry, and surely – I way over ordered. We asked some of our guests to take them home. The day of the wedding, Nathalie and her team worked in the background that was so seamless that I sort of forgot they were there. In reflection of that day, those little things that she did and quick thinking on her feet when disaster started to happen, she really relieved me and I was stress free the day of my wedding. Thank you so much, Nathalie! I definitely would recommend her!

  • Photo credit : Yoshi Powershot
  • Organization & Wedding Planner : Etoiles d’un Jour
  • Venue : Château de la Borderie, Charente
  • Catering : Le Vieux Logis
  • Hair and Make Up: Le Bric broc de Bé
  • Florist: l’Atelier Vert
  • Wine : La régie
  • Ice cream animation: Création Givrée
  • DJ: Christophe by K-Music