How to Arrive at your Wedding Ceremony in Style!

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Choosing to get married in France, doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams of arriving at your wedding ceremony in style.  If you’ve dreamt of a fabulous sports car or a horse and cart or perhaps a very special vintage car, you’ll find that all of this is possible here in France.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding transport you’ll probably want to decorate it to match your wedding theme; flowers or ribbons are the most obvious choice.  But is this possible?  We’ve spoken to Philippe at En Tract’Tour in the South of France.  He is the lucky owner of a Vintage Citroen Traction Avant and he has given us some great ideas on how you can personalise your wedding car.

Can you Decorate a Vintage Car?

Fortunately yes you can! If you’re told it’s not possible then maybe search for another supplier because there are ways that you can decorate a car without causing any damage.  Of course, we ask the florists and the client to be very careful but it is possible.

Professional florists will use foam cubes mounted on suction cups. Once the floral decorations have been made, the suction cups will hold floral displays without risk of damaging to the body of the car. And of course you can add ribbons with even less risk. 

Talk to your florist and of course, the car owner; but there are ways to personalise a car ensure it matches your theme.  In short, there should be no objections as long as you take precautions.   BUT… Be sure to discuss all your plans in advance of the wedding.

Adding Decorations to the Door Handles of Your Wedding Car

We understand that little touches and embellishments will make your wedding car more unique and personal.  Decorating the door handles are a simple way to add colour and a touch of elegance to the car.

You need to be a little careful when fixing the flowers; for these small bouquets to stay in place you’ll need  2 attachment points.  One on the car handle and also a small suction cup to keep the stems vertical. 

Adding Décor to the Front Grill of Your Wedding Car

The front grille of the Traction Avant is the perfect place for décor.   A simple bouquet will hang easily from the grille.  This works very well if you have small bouquets also attached to the front car handles; a very classic and elegant effect.

Adding Décor to the Rear Trunk of the Wedding Car

On our Citreon Traction Avant, the trunk (or Boot) is an excellent choice for a floral bouquet, as the flowers are protected by the car when the car it is in motion. This means that the floral arrangement will more easily remain in excellent condition throughout your journey.

Also, as you drive away your guest get to see your beautiful display as you leave

Decorate the Wedding Car Windshields with Garlands

It is possible to decorate the front windshield of the wedding car. These flower garlands are installed using many small suction cups and are fitted directly under the windshield.  This method can be used at the front or at the rear of the vehicle.

This type of decoration does take longer to fix and your florist will need the car for a longer period of time; you should mention this when you hire the vehicle.   Also it is difficult to retrieve this kind of floral arrangement in one piece at the end, so be aware that the display will be broken to be removed.

Finally, it is possible for flowers to be placed on the rear parcel shelf too; some brides also add other fabric and ribbons to complete their wedding décor theme.   

With all of these suggestions its important to discuss your ideas with your wedding florist, event stylists and the car hire company.  They will be well versed in this kind of décor and will ensure that you make the most of the fabulous transport you’ve chosen.

Celebrate the Day of your life in the famous Citroen Traction Avant

If you plan to celebrate your Wedding on the French Riviera, the legendary Citroen Traction Avant is the French vintage car for you.  This iconic car is one of the most popular and says vintage France more than any other vehicle.   Talk to Phillipe at En Track’ Tour about your ideas and take a look at the examples of floral displays on his website!

Phillipe is avaialble for weddings in the South of France. Based in Grasse in the Alpes-Maritimes, the company enTract’Tour offers its vintage cars throughout the department. They are also able to move around the Var department and regularly organize weddings to Fréjus, Brignoles, Toulon and Le Muy.